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DER SPIEGEL Not Afraid of the Truth

It was the Charlie Hebdo shooting in Paris on 7 January 2015 that shockingly proved we found the right words, when we relaunched DER SPIEGEL, Europe's largest and most influential news magazine, the day after, with a new claim after 40 years: Not Afraid of the Truth. The crossmedia campaign amplified their promise to be politically and economically independent and committed to no one, except their readers.

“If we see you in the streets, we cut your throat.”
from a letter to SPIEGEL reporter Hasnain Kazim

“The criminals have left Aleppo. They like to live.”
Christoph Reuter, one of the last journalists in Syria

“The danger is that we get used to the war.“
Christian Neef has been reporting for over 30 years from Russia

SPIEGEL founder Rudolf Augstein,
charged with treason in 1962 and 103 days in custody